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Challenges and Opportunities in Pathology
Companion Meeting Program
October 7, 2001


AP – Plenary lecture

Fine needle aspiration in palpable and non-palpable breast lesions – over the years (Dr. Karin Lindholm, Sweden), sponsored by Cytyc - lecture notes available for download

AP – Educational session

Presentation of 8 FNAB cases of breast lesion (Moderators: Betty Lin, Australia; May Chan, Hong Kong)

0930-0945 Case 1. 63yr old female. Suspicious lump left breast; 2 o'clock. Prof Jeanette Philips
0945-1000 Case 2. 43 year old woman found to have an asymptomative vague mass at well women clinic.   Mammogram showed multiple microcalcification in left breast.  Dr. KL Mak
1000-1015 Case 3. Mammographically detected stellate lesion in the upper outer quadrant of the breast in a female aged 50. Dr. Juliet Burn
1015-1030 Case 4. 76-year-old Chinese female presented with a breast mass of 3 cm diameter in the right axillary tail Dr. WK Ng
1030-1045 Case 5. 46 year old woman. Mass left breast. Dr. Andrew Field
1100-1130 TEA BREAK
1130-1145 Case 6. A 41 year of female being followed up by clinical oncologists for a pituitary adenoma treated nine years ago by radiotherapy. She was found now to have a hard 4 x 6 cm right breast mass which was clinically suspicious of carcinoma. Dr. US Khoo
1145-1200 Case 7. 77 year old female attended BreastScreen for a routine mammogram where a circumscribed lesion was detected. Dr. Jane Twin
1200-1215 Case 8. Use of cytospin in FNA of breast Dr. WY Lam

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AP – Companion Meeting Slide workshop (SS6)*

Cytology Workshop on FNAB of breast lesions (Dr. K. Lindholm), held in Queen Mary Hospital

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